It’s Not Yet Broken…because my spirit although battered and bruise is not broken. But keeping in mind how fragile we can be and if we aren’t careful give away to life’s difficulties to be over come and be broken. Way to stay positive. Right?! I will say this…through the battles I’ve gone through in my life, I’m not broken and I can be proud of that. Going through those times that were trying and I may have felt broken in the midst of them happening, I always learned to move forward somehow and from them to always come out stronger and wiser in the end. All my life lessons and experiences have formed who I am today. What I’m trying to say is this…Not Yet Broken isn’t to sound sad but a bit hopeful and realistic…in the idea that I’ve overcome so many things in my life. That isn’t to brag because I know there are so many people that have experienced more extremes than what I’ve ever had to go through and pray that I never do. I do know we all have our own life battles and they are all things to overcome…and to not be broken, I find that to be an accomplishment…for anyone…and to place the ‘yet’ in that phrase is to acknowledge the reality that if there is a tomorrow and another battle to face, that there is still hope that we can make through it as we have before. We can only pray that we can continue to overcome each and every life struggle to the best of our ability and grow in what we learn from every experience.

Please also note the term being broken isn’t take lightly in the sense that I do believe we are all “broken” when speaking Biblical because of our sins. It is through Christ we are made whole. In that aspect it is true to state that we are all broken because we are not sinless.

With that I also want to make a point to share in the good. I’ve learned in life, it’s so easy to focus on the bad but you need to make a point to bring to light the good and be grateful for them. For all the things that you can think to complain about there is always an on going list of things you can give thanks to God for, no matter the situation at hand. Always be grateful.

Things you’ll read about here…my struggles with my marriage in the past when I was too reluctant to share, me overcoming the fact and come forth with being abused by my husband mentally, emotionally, verbally and on occasion physically. You’ll read about all the ups and downs as I go through this separation now turned into divorce. My struggles with my children and my fight for them during this ugly custody battle. My thoughts and feeling and fears and tears through it all. To all one day say looking back…look at where I am now from where I was then and be grateful.